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Definition of wretch:

  1. A miserable person; one profoundly unhappy.
  2. One sunk in vice or degradation; a base, despicable person; a vile knave; as, a profligate wretch.


scalawag, rogue, devil, brute, liar, creep, monster, bastard, savage, hapless, rich, victim, knave, bugger, baddie, nazi, unfortunate, caitiff, scoundrel, deceiver, miscreant, yob, traitor, ass, fiend, villain, mite, public enemy number one, public nuisance, rapscallion, (the) scum of the earth, scapegrace, underdog, miserable, beast, scamp, fraud, loser, know-all, horror, poor devil, evildoer, loudmouth, no-good, reprobate, heavy, hound, underprivileged, rascal, poor sod, vermin, meanie, critter, varlet.

Usage examples: