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Definition of still:

  1. A vessel or apparatus for distilling liquids.
  2. Noiseless; quiet; silent; uttering no noise; motionless.
  3. Notwithstanding.
  4. To make motionless; to put a stop to, as noise, motion, & c.; to calm; to lull; to silence.
  5. To this time; always; continually; after that.


corked, take over, quieted, sleek over, salve, alcoholic, invoke, gloss over, Silent, exempt, so far, quiet, fluid, negative, unflustered, button up, silence, lifelessness, breezeless, at rest, unchanging, ignite, provoke, microdot, blow-up, windless, whitewash, clement, drinkable, anyway, until now, simmer down, dummy up, breathe, unperturbed, understood, restrained, stable, stiff, inactive, arcadian, cool it, get yourself together, unflurried, legato, together, fine, quietness, salvage, quiesce, relax, in spite of something, candid, smooth, quiet down, bland, have, breath, shut away, stillness, despite, tranquillize, til now, heretofore, hitherto, suave, sounds, someway, unbosom, up to now, age, nevertheless, nonmoving, loosen up, breathless, filmstrip, untroubled, unmoving, allay, windlessness, hush up, in time, clear, close up, flat, cloudless, cool down, alleviate, halcyon, however, stilly, equable, at least, motionlessness, cool off, even so, remedy, halftone, relieve, lighten, onward, airless, as yet, put away, lock away, notwithstanding, unsounded, nonetheless, hush, black, placid, arouse, tranquillise, soundless, lock in, decaffeinated, lees, decant, touch, be/feel/look at home, effervescent, full-bodied, electrostatic, free, tacit, otherwise, let off, for all, cozy, steady, affect, silent, noneffervescent, mollify, standing, palliate, rouse, facilitate, tread, chill out, thus far, unagitated, calm down, distill, excuse, tartar, carbonated, passport photo, unruffled, keep mum, liquid, motionless, quieten, lull, nonoperational, quench, awaken, withal, photomontage, ease, restful, inspire, distillery, good-tempered, pipe down, lown, slake, move, somnolent, distiller, comfort, lock up, be quiet, tranquilize, somehow, stock-still, muted, besides, evenly, all/just the same, compose yourself, soundlessness, calm, static, belt up, fair, just, tranquil, quiet, dry, chill, daguerreotype, fluent, back, shut up, lock, clam up, wind down, save, subdued, anyhow, yet, all the same, even, politic, noiselessness.

Usage examples: