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Definition of cream:

  1. The thick oily scum which rises on the surface of milk when it has stood for a time; the best part of a thing.
  2. To skim; to take off the best part of anything.


skip, mix up, figure out, homogenized, picking, scan, intermingle, top, mosh, lap, filling, knock out, flutter, spume, balm, lather, unction, choice, plane, rake, pickaxe, win, creamy, yeast, calorific, elite, better, pasteurized, plectrum, skim over, thrash about, yellow, ivory, cream off, eggshell, priesthood, foam, cream of the crop, combine, flower of the flock, skim, milk, defeat, emollient, plectron, soupy, upper crust, bubble, crème de la crème, amber, crispy, work, thick, flail, pick, thresh about, antiperspirant, overpower, prime, prize, annihilate, evaporated milk, creamer, skim off, smash, clobber, lick, flower, aristocracy, mingle, option, pink, slam, mix, fat, salve, steamroller, work out, buttery, cool, shellac, pickax, cleanser, trounce, massacre, amethyst, condensed milk, heavy cream, batter, antiseptic, suds, overwhelm, stir in, woof, solve, ointment, thresh, corps d'elite, toss, crisp, half-and-half, merge, convulse, chilled, effervesce, puzzle out, weft, astringent, beige, overcome, elect, baby oil, white, solid, drub, illuminati, thrash, pride, jactitate, best, dissolve, aloe vera, wallop, smear, calamine lotion, baste, azure, lam, bluish, crush, bat, avocado, chewy, blend, royalty, vanquish, unguent, run down, slash, cold cream, lap up, beat, A-list, froth, tan, caramelized, slam dance, alabaster, selection, baby-blue, glance over, fizz, skitter.

Usage examples: