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Definition of story:

  1. A single stage or floor of a high building; a division of a house reached by one flight of stairs.


relation, report card, degree, cause, banner headline, pretext, classic, the first floor, narration, cartoon, mendacity, stratum, true, memoir, horizontal surface, downstairs, status, twaddle, taradiddle, canard, schmooze, gallery, flooring, heart-to-heart, business relationship, gossip, legend, humbug, motivation, literature, history, trading floor, score, account, chat, comedy, posture, tradition, commentary, ground floor, deal, narrative, narration, misrepresentation, paragraph, chatter, picture, loft, figment, version, byline, invoice, announcement, squib, excuse, boloney, recital, myth, base, statement, lie, advice, tall tale, repartee, narrative, chronology, tommyrot, real, novelette, incident, tarradiddle, item, chronicle, theme, reason, ball game, tosh, adaptation, reputation, fairy tale, narrative, black comedy, waffle, stage, invention, report, spirit level, centerfold, account, detective, conversation, bit, misstatement, cock-and-bull story, bill, legend, fantasy, novel, motive, fabrication, uncos, characterization, anecdote, portrayal, grade, piece, composition, intelligence, whisper, drool, artwork, article, history, written report, info, story line, apologue, cheesecake, bilgewater, prevarication, words, bosh, novel, explanation, drama, 411, baloney, tidings, information, study, untruth, profile, advice column, in justification of something, level, falsehood, whopper, happen, paper, word, small talk, storey, accounting, fib, classified ad, basement, scene, account statement, write up, depiction, fiction, footing, portrait, floor, banter, inveracity, news report, point, ground, romance, description, tale, tale, gen, lower ground floor, falsity, occasion, record, fish story.

Usage examples: