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Definition of divert:

  1. To turn aside; to digress.
  2. To turn aside; to turn off from any course or intended application; to deflect; as, to divert a river from its channel; to divert commerce from its usual course.
  3. To turn away from any occupation, business, or study; to cause to have lively and agreeable sensations; to amuse; to entertain; as, children are diverted with sports; men are diverted with works of wit and humor.


purloin, regale, discriminate, vary, distinguish, turn, separate, sport, engage, steal, persuasion, diverge, veer, excite, recreate, frolic, shift, depart, turn aside, cavort, remove, rollick, swing, change, disport, run around, take away, withdraw, amuse, deviate, abstract, sidetrack, frisk, romp, eliminate, appropriate, hive off, gambol, disturb, pivot, lark, skylark, lark about, detach.

Usage examples: