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Definition of actuate:

  1. Put in action; actuated.
  2. To carry out in practice; to perform.
  3. To put into action or motion; to move or incite to action; to influence actively; to move as motives do; - more commonly used of persons.


set forth, influence, excite, start out, dispose, displace, employ, start, flash, coax, impress, induce, impel, egg on, trip up, prompt, incite, affect, cancel, use, set out, aerate, urge, bring out, trip out, engage, work, make a motion, drive, draw, apply, compel, flick, eject, turn on, take off, remind, persuade, jaunt, practice, get off, incline, mobilize, strike, spark off, spark, propel, activate, locomote, used, offset, trigger off, trip, control, part, move, detonate, exploit, be active, stumble, animate, crank, explode, lead, depart, implement, trigger, instigate, touch off, sparkle, blow up, stir up, exercise, utilize, inspire, action, energize, sway, set-off, act, travel, prod, cue, motivate.

Usage examples: