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Definition of admittance:

  1. Admissibility.
  2. Concession; admission; allowance; as, the admittance of an argument.
  3. Permission to enter; the power or right of entrance; also, actual entrance; reception.
  4. The act of admitting.
  5. The act of giving possession of a copyhold estate.
  6. The reciprocal of impedance.


entry, accession, gateway, door, doorway, entree, portal, memory access, accept, access code, enter, adit, assenting, admission, admission fee, ingression, admission price, ingress, rise to power, addition, inlet, admission charge, penetration, entrance, intromission, entranceway, entryway, entrance fee, access, entrance money, opening, approach, introduction, price of admission, main course, gate.

Usage examples: