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Definition of boggle:

  1. To do anything awkwardly or unskillfully.
  2. To embarrass with difficulties; to make a bungle or botch of.
  3. To play fast and loose; to dissemble.
  4. To stop or hesitate as if suddenly frightened, or in doubt, or impeded by unforeseen difficulties; to take alarm; to exhibit hesitancy and indecision.


surprise, bungle, bollix up, goof up, floor, upset, foul up, flabbergast, bowl over, muck up, ball up, stagger, tump over, gum up, muddle, muff, blow, fumble, knock over, blunder, overturn, louse up, help, mess up, mishandle, botch, mismanage, dumbfound, snafu, screw up, turn over, excite, correct, spoil, tip over.

Usage examples: