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Definition of overcome:

  1. of Overcome
  2. To come or pass over; to spreads over.
  3. To gain the superiority; to be victorious.
  4. To get the better of; to surmount; to conquer; to subdue; as, to overcome enemies in battle.
  5. To overflow; to surcharge.


outgo, pound, cover, curb, scale, get the better of, submerge, pass, pass over, worst, batter, trim, routed, get well, overwhelmed, traverse, spank, get over, quash, tame, weak, overtake, reduce, get across, chastise, repress, lick, conquered, flog, inhibit, crucify, vote out, subjugate, strike, outmatch, switch, exceed, overpower, get the best, track, belabor, cudgel, beaten, prostrate, shoot down, engulfed, prevail against, suppress, outperform, overmaster, have the best, whelm, cross, catch up with, kill, defeated, vote down, flood out, deluge, catch, bastinado, overhaul, cut across, affect, powerless, engulf, smite, overpowered, chasten, ace, held, surpass, swamped, sweep over, drown, mortify, pommel, inundated, castigate, outstrip, bruise, best, get the hang, vanquished, flooded, thrash, cut through, scourge, overwhelm, overthrown, stamp down, keep down, bounce back.

Usage examples: