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Definition of characterize:

  1. To be a characteristic of; to make, or express the character of.
  2. To engrave or imprint.
  3. To indicate the character of; to describe.
  4. To make distinct and recognizable by peculiar marks or traits; to make with distinctive features.


represent, rank, restrict, condition, distinguish, epitomize, character, grade, classify, embody, differentiate, exemplify, modify, designate, bracket, specific, typify, term, portray, individualize, words, tag, categorize, mark, describe, feature, call, sort, enter into, come down to, class, dispose, characterise, label, name, singularize, style, signalize, specify, measure up, qualify, stipulate, depict, set apart, same, discriminate, group, define, delineate, identify.

Usage examples: