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Definition of commence:

  1. To begin; to originate or enter upon; to begin to be; to perform the first act or part.


experience, get down, stupefy, light, demoralise, array, drive, stimulate, have, bulge, grow, suffer, bring, perplex, strike, obtain, demoralize, contract, capture, take off, cast down, take, go, baffle, bewilder, start, arrest, beat, come out, kick off, lower, range, jump, bug out, arrive, nonplus, dispirit, go about, acquire, depress, stick, pay back, fetch, induce, part, break, fix, cause, get off, bring forth, set to, study at begin, open, begin, find, set in, unhorse, pose, take on, convey, draw, approach, become, take up, depart, vex, mother, attempt, get, enter upon, take down, start-up, make, pay off, launch, set off, bring about, set forth, catch, start out, amaze, receive, embark on, set about, arise, set down, sustain, dismount, dumbfound, materialize, startle, beget, get under one's skin, trigger, start off, bulge out, buzz off, actualize, swallow, lay out, Begin, mystify, engender, sire, set out, lead off, flummox, bring down, puzzle, get going, lead astray, protrude, write down, incur, fall, aim, gravel, father, dismay, pop, let, appear, catalyze, pop out, put down, enter, come, bugger off, scram, deject, let down.

Usage examples: