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Definition of cranky:

  1. Inclined to heel over, as a ship that wants steadiness; liable to be upset.


screwy, subdued, balmy, gaga, daffy, crazed, snippy, spaced-out, refractory, odd, lunatic, demented, clean, stuffy, barmy, grating, abrasive, homesick, loco, sad, tippy, ill-tempered, querulous, annoying, raspy, kooky, pestering, crank, peculiar, snappy, queer, quirky, study at irritable, wud, untoughened, awkward, psycho, off-the-wall, moonstruck, fretful, cuckoo, bleak, analog, spotty, cracked, rasping, wacky, incongruous, snippety, melancholy, bats, nasty, bunglesome, pestiferous, irritable, way-out, gravelly, galling, clumsy, crackers, rum, clockwork, pesky, auxiliary, batty, wild, automatically, fond, plaguey, non compos mentis, sore, bad-tempered, ill-natured, crabby, sorrowful, bizarro, far-out, fractious, peckish, automatic, idiosyncratic, cumbrous, tetchy, choleric, surreal, vexing, unhandy, testy, lovesome, grumpy, unbalanced, unhappy, unusual, unstable, unwieldy, miserable, cordless, rummy, raw, bothersome, mental, tender, unsound, crotchety, mad, curious, funky, funny, ratty, nettlesome, erratic, out-of-the-way, wacko, nuts, plaguy, ugly, bughouse, screwball, singular, scratchy, remarkable, deranged, wistful, unreal, clever, eccentric, moody, meshuga, loony tunes, weird, snarky, usual, bizarre, broken, built, off-kilter, uneven, weirdo, fruity, temperamental, unhinged, bedlam, bonkers, perverse, strange, psychotic, recalcitrant, outlandish, freakish, affectionate, pettish, haywire, clunky, gloomy, fretful, disagreeable, loony, crackpot, rough, crazy, peevish, certifiable, offbeat, outré, brainsick, warm, queerish, techy, unnatural, grouchy, vexatious, waspish, mean, kinky, teasing, maniacal, irritating, petulant, attitude, quaint, ponderous, crackbrained, nutty, scatty, daft, ungainly.

Usage examples: