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Definition of crank:

  1. Anything bent or turned; in a machine, an iron axis bent and jointed like an arm, used for changing a rotatory motion into a horizontal or perpendicular one, or the contrary; a metal brace.
  2. Inclined to heel over, as a ship that wants steadiness; liable to be upset.


peevish, scratchy, screwball, frolicsome, sore, oddity, fanatic, junkie, looking glass, diva, newcomer, zealot, chalk, starter, buoyant, trumpery, elbow, bend, churl, ballock, space cadet, flash, arm, gay, barbarian, pettish, frolic, cranky, tike, lever, freak, proud, raw, complainer, dingbat, nutcase, ice, skinflint, affectionate, folderol, button, water ice, peasant, fond, spyglass, aberration, frivolity, en, perfectionist, meth, crackpot, ancillary, crosspatch, crank up, rejoicing, scum, bouncy, headcase, happy, scourge, tippy, flick, drinking glass, crab, ball, camshaft, frappe, testy, jubilant, triumphant, weirdie, bellyacher, scratch, eject, murmurer, wish-wash, nut case, starting motor, stunt, trash, buffoonery, control, grump, energize, fledgling, nettlesome, newbie, mutterer, actuate, fledgeling, misanthrope, grinch, egg, nut, codswallop, scrap, testis, character, entrant, antics, whiner, applesauce, shenanigans, fractious, icing, chicken feed, niggard, tender, frosting, internal-combustion engine, sensitive, freshman, ice rink, bracket, brainstorm, cuckoo, coax, nutjob, ding-a-ling, high-spirited, methamphetamine, faultfinder, appetizer, petulant, testicle, bearing, belt, wise, grouch, untoughened, zigzag, activate, sorehead, scrooge, glorying, addict, sourpuss, neophyte, appetiser, rubbish, shrew, exulting, glass, cam, methamphetamine hydrochloride, hothead, oddball, growler, deoxyephedrine, engage, tyke, carriage, purist, irritable, vivacious, glassful, lovesome, fruitcake, peckish, orchis, madwoman, unstable, junky, bubbly, griper, bollock, loon, starter motor, grouser, warm, bucket, ball bearing, field glass, effervescent, gamesome, boor, tomfoolery, cock-a-hoop, weirdo, loony, critic, tripe, shabu, eccentric, ice-skating rink, prideful, chamber, tetchy, dispatcher, stickler, wet blanket, techy, sparkler, grumbler, crowing.

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