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Definition of deplete:

  1. To empty or unload, as the vessels of human system, by bloodletting or by medicine.
  2. To reduce by destroying or consuming the vital powers of; to exhaust, as a country of its strength or resources, a treasury of money, etc.


immerse, desiccate, dry up, decimate, kill, ware, corrode, discharge, rich, eat, give out, swallow up, erase, exhaust, sweep away, have, tucker out, impoverish, polish off, cancel out, wipe out, sap, occupy, desiccate, continue, annihilate, eliminate, release, waste, work through, squander, eradicate, wash up, ingest, carry off, rust, eject, eat up, bury, use up, beat, take, increase, tucker, swallow, extinguish, finish, eat on, run out, take in, give, run through, go through, expel, play out, obliterate, down, consume, tire, run down, feed.

Usage examples: