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Definition of flavour:

  1. Peculiar taste or smell; quality of anything which affects the smell; odour; fragrance.
  2. To impart a smell or taste to.


olfaction, intent, tone, tonus, nose drops, big H, disembodied spirit, tactile property, spirit, note, smelling, tint, pure tone, harden, sea tangle, expression, zestfulness, shade, black rockweed, piquantness, facial expression, musical note, gusto, tactual sensation, feeling, whole step, piquance, step, liveliness, temper, bladderwrack, scent, heart, pinch, touch sensation, piquancy, aspect, chilliness, tone of voice, smacking, tanginess, impression, purport, whole tone, feel, tincture, tactile sensation, smack, season, timber, timbre, bladder fucus, looking at, olfactory perception, smooch, sea tang, face, sapidness, thunder, sense of smell, intuitive feeling, serrated wrack, savour, belief, quality, slap, looking, sprightliness, shot, aroma, mollify, olfactory modality, tang, scag, smell, emotional state, zest, flavor, olfactory sensation, tonicity, touch, olfactory property, relish, life, opinion, hell dust, odor, notion, look, savor, sapidity, odour, coolness, skag.

Usage examples: