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Definition of peremptory:

  1. Firmly determined; unawed.
  2. Positive in opinion or judgment; decided; dictatorial; dogmatical.
  3. Precluding debate or expostulation; not admitting of question or appeal; positive; absolute; decisive; conclusive; final.


imposing, controlling, assertive, exacting, positive, sarcastic, commanding, authoritarian, compulsive, high-and-mighty, dominating, grand, ascendant, stringent, autocratic, uncompromising, absolute, cruel, firm, tyrannic, imperious, supreme, distinguished, lordly, haughty, compulsory, severe, decisive, imperative, firm, rigorous, over, unequivocal, fixed, comprehensive, magisterial, ascendent, bossy, finished, domineering, arbitrary, coercive, irresponsible, unconditional, authoritative, masterful, overlooking, dogmatic.

Usage examples: