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Definition of positive:

  1. Designating a method of steering or turning in which the steering wheels move so that they describe concentric arcs in making a turn, to insure freedom from side slip or harmful resistance.
  2. Designating, or pertaining to, a device giving a to- and- fro motion; as, a positive dobby.
  3. Designating, or pertaining to, a motion or device in which the movement derived from a driver, or the grip or hold of a restraining piece, is communicated through an unyielding intermediate piece or pieces; as, a claw clutch is a positive clutch, while a friction clutch is not.


ordained, prescribed, compulsory, controlling, validating, exacting, obstinate, positively charged, positivist, specific, arbitrary, unbounded, flat, imperative, dead, explicit, actual, electropositive, substantiating, affirm, outright, blooming, substantiative, domineering, compulsive, tyrannical, thoroughgoing, hard, dictatorial, imperious, confirmatory, precise, emphatic, real, overbearing, upbeat, despotic, arrant, undisputable, clear-cut, arrogant, confirming, unambiguous, unreserved, verificatory, true, total, resolute, overconfident, positive degree, undoubting, plain, confirmative, collateral, lordly, inarguable, express, dogmatic, decreed, coercive, appointed, plus, corroborative, unlimited, downright, unrelieved, verifying, big, commanding, sheer, pure, help, flat-out, limited, demonstrable, official, positivistic, all-out, cocksure, peremptory, autocratic, thorough, haughty, out-and-out, unassailable, favorable, corroboratory, validatory, damned, crashing, concrete, irresponsible, authoritative.

Usage examples: