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Definition of trenchant:

  1. Fig.: Keen; biting; severe; as, trenchant wit.
  2. Fitted to trench or cut; gutting; sharp.


graphic, salient, caustic, high-pressure, penetrating, significant, acrid, sensitive, comprehensive, slashing, vigorous, keen, acidic, careful, profound, acute, effectual, pungent, corrosive, clear, distinguishable, pointed, decided, attack, sharp, effective, dynamic, neat, pithy, astringent, pregnant, ponderous, strong, probing, positive, inquisitory, distinct, vitriolic, crisp, succinct, intelligent, searching, truculent, weighty, unsparing, clear-cut, emphatic, scathing, forcible, concise, shallow, cutting, dull, stinging, acid, critical, perceptive, efficacious, discrete, hard-hitting, respect, explicit, sententious, clean-cut, biting, impressive, mordacious, mordant, intense, severe, weak, acerbic, blunt, incisive.

Usage examples: