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Definition of puzzle:

  1. Bewilderment; perplexity; something to try ingenuity.
  2. To confuse; to bewilder; to be perplexed.


induce, regulate, secret, fix, mystification, vex, tangle, receive, go, frustration, mother, beat out, frustrate, bilk, distress, exhaust, tormenter, draw, scramble, lay, hold fast, clue, wash up, closed book, pay back, query, capture, have, drive, alarm, nettle, throw, dizzy, pay off, irritate, get at, noughts and crosses, personate, quiver, bemuse, shake up, get to, paradox, amaze, incur, shell, present, discombobulate, dumbfound, unsettle, tucker, stickler, outwit, tormentor, let, clear, hangman, pound, muddle, complicate, stick around, bewilderment, outfox, crossword, thump, circumvent, teaser, spoil, quandary, oracle, begin, thrum, bring, wedge, confuse, besot, bind, obtain, nonplus, feelings, position, cling, lodge, work over, acquire, vexer, beget, posture, jumble, produce, question, sire, jigsaw, bond, aim, beat up, bother, bunk, devil, thing, set about, cross, concern, quizmaster, tick, set out, get down, beat, sit, suffer, cleave, stun, find, ticktack, drum, pulsate, start out, trounce, take, raise up, experience, stick to, stimulate, puzzlement, tucker out, stay, thwart, place, bewilder, crush, annoy, bugger off, convey, father, cohere, unknown quantity, brain teaser, sustain, arrest, sting, puzzler, astound, grow, charades, fetch, vanquish, ticktock, buzz off, addle, perplexity, tease, quiz, put, perplex, generate, chafe, fuddle, entanglement, rile, model, disturb, flap, overreach, come, stick by, scram, tear apart, flummox, stick, agitate, cause, adhere, issue, befuddle, gravel, answer, dilemma, annoyer, foil, solution, catch, nark, worry, deposit, become, mix up, mystify, confound, astonish, baffle, pose, get under one's skin, commove, start, arrive, set, engender, stir up, contract, impersonate, mystifier, stay put, develop, stupefy, stand by, get, commence, frighten, bring forth, weigh on, scotch, rag, head-scratcher, outsmart, make, ambiguity.

Usage examples:

  • " It's a perfect puzzle.

    - "True and Other Stories", George Parsons Lathrop.
  • It was indeed a puzzle.

    - "The Marriage of William Ashe", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  • McNish was a sore puzzle to him.

    - "To Him That Hath A Novel Of The West Of Today", Ralph Connor.