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Definition of stigma:

  1. Anything which tarnishes character or reputation; any mark of infamy; in bot., the naked upper portion of the pistil on which the fertilising pollen falls.


injury, dent, MARKS, grime, trade name, respect, bract, boll, blade, soft touch, onus, brand name, smear, discolouration, marking, marker, dishonor, fall guy, grunge, sword, dirt, sign, patsy, slur, ignominy, anther, guilt, mug, crisscross, daub, bell ringer, shame, bull's eye, disgrace, firebrand, taint, bur, guilt trip, bud, sucker, cross, target, beanstalk, marque, grade, humiliation, mortification, home run, inhibition, chagrin, soil, petechia, attaint, gull, chump, black eye, filth, print, fool, aerial root, blame, smirch, smudge, make, reproach, steel, blur, discomfort, embarrassment, bulb, grease.

Usage examples: