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Definition of adjudicate:

  1. To adjudge; to try and determine, as a court; to settle by judicial decree.
  2. To come to a judicial decision; as, the court adjudicated upon the case.


essay, attempt, square off, resolve, finalize, pass judgment, root, try out, test, hear, arrive at, adjudge, come down, dissolve, assay, conclude, sample, steady down, gauge, go down, subside, fall, guess, go under, commit yourself, seek, patch up, settle down, purpose, try on, prove, break up, law, stress, decide, sink, get back, solve, evaluate, settle, examine, taste, make up, ensconce, nail down, render, answer, square up, finalise, make up your mind, locate, decree, label, descend, strain, umpire, make up one's mind, try, estimate, judge, approximate, take root.

Usage examples: