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Definition of athlete:

  1. Any one trained to contend in exercises requiring great physical agility and strength; one who has great activity and strength; a champion.
  2. One fitted for, or skilled in, intellectual contests; as, athletes of debate.
  3. One who contended for a prize in the public games of ancient Greece or Rome.


discus thrower, contender, suspensor, pugilist, skier, high-jumper, bowler, professional, contestant, ski jumper, varsity man, pole vaulter, ballplayer, runner, athletic supporter, boxer, long-jumper, supporter, fencer, shot putter, bicyclist, polo player, swimmer, gymnast, acrobat, swordsman, slalom racer, jockey, jogger, champion, golfer, diver, volleyball player, trackman, jockstrap, sportswoman, skater, tennis player, hurdler, hockey player, wrestler, jock, javelin thrower, challenger, competitor, amateur, badminton player, weight lifter, sportsman, soccer player, marathoner, basketball player, semi-professional, football player.

Usage examples: