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Definition of cosmopolitan:

  1. One who is at home everywhere; a citizen of the world.


anglophone, expert, smart, oecumenical, the intelligentsia, pandemic, traveling, artsy-fartsy, travelling, world-wide, catholic, out of season, refined, veteran, urbane, sophisticated, cosmic, continental, Anglo-American, observer, metropolitan, limited, well-traveled, Anglo-Saxon, worldly, worldly-wise, international, specialist, refinement, Baltic, globetrotting, Arctic, universal, comprehensive, ecumenic, worldly, artistic, highbrow, American, planetary, traveled, accompanied, oecumenic, intellectual, travelled, insular, cosmopolite, general, bicoastal, knowledge, arty, abroad, public, artsy, pundit, global, travel light, cultured, authority, professional, widely distributed, specific, gregarious, coast-to-coast, worldwide, consultant, barbarian, world, ecumenical.

Usage examples: