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Definition of curt:

  1. In letter- writing and commercial correspondence, a common contraction of current, used to designate this month, that is, the month in which the letter is written, as 15th curt.: instant, and its contr. inst., noting a day of the present or current month, as 10th inst.: proximo, or its contr. prox., noting a day of the next month, as, on the 4th prox.: ultimo, or its contr. ult., noting a day in the last month, or the month preceding the present, as, on the 6th ult.
  2. Short; abrupt; brief and ill- natured; snappish.


nappy, capsule, frizzy, nipping, kinky, terse, discourteous, bluff, attitude, short, monosyllabic, crusty, peremptory, concise, summary, compendious, study at blunt, shortly, short-spoken, aphoristic, downright, telegraphic, nippy, brusque, uncivil, pithy, snappy, crispy, unceremonious, epigrammatic, elliptical, thumbnail, laconic, crisp, snippy, apothegmatic, sententious, brusk, frizzly.

Usage examples: