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Definition of esoteric:

  1. An esoteric doctrine or treatise; esoteric philosophy; esoterics.
  2. Designed for, and understood by, the specially initiated alone; not communicated, or not intelligible, to the general body of followers; private; interior; acroamatic; -- said of the private and more recondite instructions and doctrines of philosophers. Opposed to exoteric.
  3. Marked by secrecy or privacy; private; select; confidential; as, an esoteric purpose; an esoteric meeting.
  4. One who believes, or is an initiate, in esoteric doctrines or rites.


cryptical, occult, recondite, abstruse, mystic, surface, sibylline, arcane, obscure, orphic, profound, cabalistic, deep, difficult, cryptic, easy, secret, heavy, mystical, mysterious.

Usage examples: