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Definition of excited:

  1. of Excite


edgy, drunk, aflame, ruffled, hallucinating, in a flutter, turned on, jumping at, overheated, fired up, het up, upset, on fire, fevered, demented, hopped up, atingle, keyed up, on the ragged edge, stirred up, ill at ease, horny, jumpy, in a tailspin, wound up, insane, glowing, aflutter, thrillful, worked up, hot, delirious, annoyed, angry, wrought up, overexcited, thrilled, blue in the face, disconcerted, frenetic, unhinged, in a tizzy, haywire, troubled, uneasy, distracted, teased, psyched, brainsick, unrestrained, hurt, furious, frantic, flustered, restless, all nerves, steamed up, tense, sick, hysterical, moved, piqued, thing, stoked, apprehensive, in a dither, titillated, quickened, in a quiver, flushed, tumultuous, delighted, huffy, overwrought, uptight, on pins and needles, beside oneself, provoked, jittery, nervous, harebrained, excite, emotional, hyped up, agog, crazy, mad, angered, all atwitter, manic, all hot and bothered, perturbed, wild, reactive, intoxicated, ruttish, psyched up, steamy, frenzied, in a lather, unbalanced, avid, phrenetic, inspired, boiling over, stirred, in heaven, galvanized, sore, discomfited, discomposed, red hot, distraught, randy.

Usage examples: