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Definition of gob:

  1. A little mass or collection; a small quantity; a mouthful.
  2. Same as Goaf.
  3. The mouth.


muddle, Jack-tar, jak, diddly, clump, old salt, wad, hunk, jam, multiplicity, tar, hollow, part, clod, jack, chunk, zillion, jackass, heap, ream, diddley, snare, ambush, bushel, jackstones, trillion, labourer, sand trap, shit, big, hole, squat, sea dog, diddly-squat, cakehole, diddly-shit, slew, peck, knave, seafarer, salt, sea, passel, yap, seaman, scad, lying in wait, million, mess, kettle of fish, maw, doodly-squat, fix, oodles, nugget, laborer, hunch, navigator, bunker, sailor, lot, manual laborer, mariner, ambuscade, diddlyshit, pickle, jillion, load, pitch, jackfruit, trap, lump, diddlysquat, golf hole.

Usage examples: