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Definition of infantry:

  1. A body of children.
  2. A body of soldiers serving on foot; foot soldiers, in distinction from cavalry.


human foot, cavalry, invertebrate foot, base, dogfaces, grenadier, animal foot, army, air power, doughboys, swordsman, grunts, groundwork, archer, understructure, sharpshooter, pikeman, sniper-scout, C in C, the armed forces, spearman, skirmisher, foot, paratrooper, arbalester, infantrymen, riflemen, combat troops, fusilier, command, air force, ft, pes, rifles, scout, Zouave, shock troops, uhlan, metrical foot, fundament, substructure, metrical unit, foundation, the Coast Guard, the artillery, crossbowman, arquebusier, air-borne infantry, airborne, longbowman.

Usage examples: