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Definition of manacle:

  1. A handcuff; a shackle for the hand or wrist; - usually in the plural.
  2. To put handcuffs or other fastening upon, for confining the hands; to shackle; to confine; to restrain from the use of the limbs or natural powers.


interference, free, turnup, truss, stumbling block, bracelet, impediment, shackles, handicap, hunger strike, bond, clog, drag, embarrassment, gyve, fetters, handcuffs, hindrance, obstruction, stop, whomp, leg irons, deterrent, handcuff, handlock, let, conjugal visit, tie up, compound, hurdle, balk, cramp, yoke, chains, hobble, gag, chain, obstacle, iron, holdback, crimp, bind, ligature, trammel, band, cuffs, cuff, restraint, block, inhibition, lights out, bar.

Usage examples: