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Definition of nourish:

  1. A nurse.
  2. To cherish; to comfort.
  3. To educate; to instruct; to bring up; to nurture; to promote the growth of in attainments.
  4. To feed and cause to grow; to supply with matter which increases bulk or supplies waste, and promotes health; to furnish with nutriment.
  5. To gain nourishment.
  6. To promote growth; to furnish nutriment.
  7. To supply the means of support and increase to; to encourage; to foster; as, to nourish rebellion; to nourish the virtues.
  8. To support; to maintain.


have, cherish, foster, hold, get, nutrify, value, cheer, care for, nurture, harbor, cultivate, sustain, support, maintain, cling to, rear, ingestion, bear, affirm, confirm, parent, hold dear, suffer, shelter, hold up, keep up, comfort, protect, encourage, corroborate, prolong, aliment, treasure, raise, bring up, keep, substantiate, entertain.

Usage examples: