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Definition of offense:

  1. Alt. of Offence


epithet, tanning, blue, gird, right, abomination, detestation, name-calling, illegality, ballplayer, back, club, horror, hatred, offence, huff, cross, boy, dis, affront, catch, onset, put-down, misdoing, annoyance, dudgeon, insult, misdemeanor, villainy, diablerie, violation, all-American, center, like, dive, personality, descent, jibe, ball, offensive, discourtesy, law-breaking, immorality, pain, battery, rudeness, evildoing, swoop, miff, offensive activity, slap, infringement, iniquity, peccancy, dart, lawbreaking, salvo, backhand, misdemeanour, backfield, blitz, infraction, attempt, case, coup de main, assailment, kiss-off, cut, umbrage, peeve, conference, disgust, wrong, criminality, abhorrence, curse, delivery, criminal offence, barb, wickedness, criminal offense, pounding, execration, ruffled feathers, dribble, error, misdeed, contumely, name, indignity, chip, onrush, count, slur, corner, brickbat, sarcasm, nuisance, counterattack, plague, rush, center forward, wrongdoing, disrespect, sin, shame, abuse, evil, poke, aversion, slight, trespass, malfeasance, blitzkrieg, debt, malefaction, despite, dig, deviltry, blast.

Usage examples: