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Definition of rift:

  1. A shallow place in a stream; a ford.
  2. An opening made by riving or splitting; a cleft; a fissure.
  3. p. p. of Rive.
  4. To belch.
  5. To burst open; to split.
  6. To cleave; to rive; to split; as, to rift an oak or a rock; to rift the clouds.


severing, falling out, breaking, rent, shatter, schism, good luck, smash, open frame, rive, pause, suspension, break of serve, disagreement, gaolbreak, recess, respite, happy chance, rupture, faulting, breach, breakout, geological fault, breakage, jailbreak, shift, disruption, fissure, cleavage, splinter, break, help, prisonbreak, interruption, open, time out, intermission, disaffection, shiver, severance, assemble, sunder, prison-breaking.

Usage examples: