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Definition of split:

  1. A small bottle ( containing about half a pint) of some drink; - so called as containing half the quantity of the customary smaller commercial size of bottle; also, a drink of half the usual quantity; a half glass.
  2. Any of the air currents in a mine formed by dividing a larger current.
  3. Any of the dents of a reed.
  4. Any of the three or four strips into which osiers are commonly cleft for certain kinds of work; - usually in pl.
  5. Designating ordinary stock that has been divided into preferred ordinary and deferred ordinary.
  6. Divided so as to be done or executed part at one time or price and part at another time or price; - said of an order, sale, etc.
  7. Of quotations, given in sixteenth, quotations in eighths being regular; as, 10 is a split quotation.
  8. Short for shot or stroke.
  9. The feat of going down to the floor so that the legs extend in a straight line, either with one on each side or with one in front and the other behind.


rent, hitch, wear, start, pause, go, disunited, blow, classify, splinter, give way, calve, pick, damp, crash, retire, cave in, conflict, divided, get around, breach, demote, discontinue, abandon ship, move on, fall in, abound, segmentation, decompose, furcate, blood, shatter, acrobatic, intermit, approach, cling, quit, riptide, dissolve, erupt, confrontation, assemble, break dance, take down, stick, smash, argument, harm, tide rip, shiver, blight, single out, cashier, let on, divide, explode, break apart, chip, kick downstairs, carve up, fail, gymnastic, horse, injured, let out, scattered, diversity, confused, disagreement, dampen, go bad, controversy, set out, like rats deserting a sinking ship, unwrap, bristle, participate, depart, burst, push off, fragmented, teardrop, a world of difference, take apart, variety, a war of words, bruise, politics, transgress, shove off, fight, assort, interrupt, wear out, break open, hole, get away, cartwheel, rakehell, relegate, burn, differentiate, recess, leave, give out, separate, tell apart, rub, strain, misunderstanding, continue, snap off, flare, distinguish, rive, expose, binge, economic rent, abrupt, fragmentize, handstand, resolve, disjointed, come away, offend, roue, demolish, pull, start out, fragmentise, dispute, bout, break off, go away, weaken, pull out, secern, stop, sort out, crosscurrent, break, fracture, set off, run, break away, disable, rake, break down, contradiction, get off, destroy, illogical, burnout, dispel, chakra, collapse, stock split, cut off, discover, severalise, get out, better, staccato, check, fall apart, diffusion, go against, ramify, take off, cohere, garbled, gymnast, disordered, founder, rationing, divergence, adjourn, breakage, bring out, break out, snag, headstand, discriminate, recrudesce, cleave, crock up, draw out, secernate, contrast, disclose, crush, blemish, crack up, crumble, reveal, infract, develop, class, quarrel, rip, die, split up, withdraw, secede, dissipate, hang-up, set forth, bankrupt, abandon, sort, severalize, distinction, adhere, dissever, cut out, difference, screen off, blister, part, help, profligate, schism, broken, cut, violate, conk out, burst out, wound, tear, injure, bust, countercurrent, variation, flare up, disconnected, irrupt, acrobatics, come apart, ruin, carve, slim down, break in, bump, gymnastics, break up, tell, divulge, disrupt, give away, unconnected, exit, soften, desert, collision, scatter.

Usage examples: