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Definition of twirl:

  1. A rapid circular motion; quick rotation; twist.
  2. To turn round rapidly; to cause to rotate with rapidity, particularly with the fingers; to revolve rapidly.


gyrate, pass, spin out, crook, birl, vortex, torture, whirl around, rick, commotion, reel, eddy, swirl, crack, purl, bend, tailspin, turn, kink, rotation, revolution, winding, birle, gimmick, revolve, plait, overrefinement, twisting, whirlpool, fiddle with, twiddle, distortion, straining, gyration, swing, wrick, repetition, convolution, crick, device, spin, wheel, wind, tress, wriggle, construction, circle, rotate, whirl, turn of events, pirouette, offer, tumble, spin around, twist, braid, about-face, go, wrench, roll, pull, birl, fling.

Usage examples: