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Definition of wasteful:

  1. Expending, or tending to expend, property, or that which is valuable, in a needless or useless manner; lavish; prodigal; as, a wasteful person; a wasteful disposition.
  2. Full of waste; destructive to property; ruinous; as, wasteful practices or negligence; wasteful expenses.
  3. Waste; desolate; unoccupied; untilled.


overgenerous, destructive, with money to burn, careless, liberal, careful, full-handed, unthrifty, out of bounds, without stint, inefficient, squandering, prodigal, extravagant, dissipated, excess, reckless, save, cavalier, uneconomic, spendthrift, pound-foolish, uneconomical, wild, improvident, easy come easy go, incontinent, profligate.

Usage examples: