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Definition of whim:

  1. A large capstan or vertical drum turned by horse power or steam power, for raising ore or water, etc., from mines, or for other purposes; - called also whim gin, and whimsey.
  2. A sudden turn or start of the mind; a temporary eccentricity; a freak; a fancy; a capricious notion; a humor; a caprice.
  3. The European widgeon.
  4. To be subject to, or indulge in, whims; to be whimsical, giddy, or freakish.


momentum, conceit, whimsy, feeling, kink, impression, nervous impulse, your inner self, belief, heart, mood, impulse, undercurrent, vagrancy, maggot, pulsing, nerve impulse, supposition, impulsion, temper, whimsicality, inclination, impetus, opinion, pulse, whimsey, imagination, caprice, bee, vagary, crank, study at caprice, neural impulse, freak, megrim, emotion, notion, desire, urge, capriciousness, frame of mind, conception, image, sensation, boutade, predilection, idea, feelings, liking, thoughts, pulsation, humor, passion.

Usage examples: