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Definition of smooth:

  1. A part free from roughness.
  2. Having an even or level surface; not rough; sleek; glossy; that flows without stops or difficulty; bland; not harsh; insinuating.


together, light, open up, satin, fall, sinuate, unperturbed, supple, hushed, flush, diplomatic, delicious, tasty, slick, fluent, straighten out, top, appetizing, glossy, chop, calm, good-tempered, debonnaire, seamless, peaceful, bearded, noneffervescent, unwrinkled, polished, insulate, bland, tranquil, round, spasm, relax, reflect, savorless, succulent, flavorful, style, easy, pull, snug, full, easy, curl, peaceful, steady, reshape, liquified, palatable, unlined, lithe, useful, downy, sleek, rhythmic, fluid, unruffled, edible, wrap, legato, shape, beam, swimming, high-powered, silken, bend, blunt, marmoreal, forceful, unruffled, savourless, overstretched, motionless, royal, equal, lustrous, stable, unfurrowed, flowing, balmy, melted, hands-down, marmorean, rectify, static, tangy, silver, untroubled, crown, assertive, limpid, chisel, graceful, glassy, level, vapid, sleek, collected, snap, uniform, folksy, urbane, serene, possessed, silklike, work, equable, gentle, down, velvet, smooth-spoken, unstable, cartilaginous, motor, silken, dignified, composed, politic, waxy, satiny, settle, muted, practical, svelte, self-assured, self-confident, polite, cheap, entire, hairy, juicy, creaseless, glossy, smother, drill, chip away, civilized, dispassionate, glib, runny, repand, straighten, debonaire, salubrious, fine-tune, unrelieved, resolve, Even, sophisticated, contract, velvety, invariable, painless, twist, file, operative, unflustered, luxurious, planar, balletic, unvarying, ready, blanket, functional, smoothen, comfortable, valuable, recover, unworried, relaxed, flail, inactive, chase, changeable, agree, faint, smooth out, constant, suave, helpful, mobile, sedate, deform, muscular, placid, smoothly, unnotched, still, diplomatical, shine, coat, horizontal, unflurried, round off, gleam, uncrannied, unseamed, recollected, tranquil, silky, flavourless, cut, silver-tongued, spasmodic, soft, reflex, glint, restrained, straight, coolheaded, intimate, glow, glisten, glassy, liquid, proud, regular, facile, glitter, warm, even-tempered, mild, bold, brush up, soundless, strong, crimp, imperturbable, radiate, genial, delicate, card, slippery, unshaken, uncreased, fast, self-composed, ceraceous, self-possessed, refine, waxlike, silent, dainty, worthwhile, polish, confident, downhill, insipid, bury, quiet, creamy, unagitated, undisturbed, subdued, steep, untoothed, cover, monotonous, singsong, strike, comfy, untroubled, form, flavorless, effective, still, debonair, plane, undulate, polish up.

Usage examples: