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Definition of superior:

  1. Higher; more elevated or exalted in place, rank, dignity, office, or excellence; preferable; unaffected or unconquered, as " a man superior to his sufferings"; in bot., placed above another organ- applied especially to indicate the position of the ovary with respect to the calyx.
  2. One of higher rank; one more excellent or more advanced than another; the chief or head of a monastery or convent; in Scot., one who has made the original grant of heritable property to a person called his vassal, which property is held by the vassal on certain stipulated conditions, as the payment of an annual fixed sum, or the performance of certain services.


phat, fab, shining, numero uno, swell, uppish, passe-partout, greatest, commanding, master, transcendent, overweening, righteous, haughty, tiptop, masterful, hot, skipper, high-class, unaffected, captain, observer, awesome, lord, bright, dynamite, heavenly, patronizing, beautiful, dominant, prime, improved, prizewinning, associate, primo, olympian, prideful, supernal, top-hole, toplofty, bonny, gone, grand, top-shelf, top-level, veteran, A1, excellent, sniffy, good, proud, high-hat, eminent, divine, out-of-sight, first-rate, astral, top-notch, high-ranking, a cut above, below, cracking, pretentious, genteel, exceeding, uppity, down, patronising, plum, presumptuous, expert, brave, the intelligentsia, huge, presuming, mean, A-list, important, pucka, nifty, bang-up, ranking, boss, superscript, topmost, preferred, top-of-the-line, co-worker, headmaster, stellar, singular, bumptious, self-satisfied, more exalted, vain, wizard, self-assertive, B-list, tops, noble, keen, stiff-necked, pundit, spiffing, brilliant, top-flight, quality, A-OK, wide, high up, high-handed, frontline, self-asserting, top-ranking, junior, first-string, tip-top, jim-dandy, groovy, immodest, passkey, original, champion, condescending, superlative, an improvement on something, lofty, overlord, high-and-mighty, master key, vast, cushdy, distinguished, higher-ranking, master copy, preferable, arrogant, four-star, conceited, sea captain, boffo, of higher rank, supreme, illustrious, preeminent, majestic, lake superior, peachy keen, pukka, big, fantabulous, high-performance, schoolmaster, so much the better, cavalier, opposite number, hypernym, slick, outstanding, colleague, banner, crack, counterpart, prestigious, fine, huffy, relief, authority, radical, leading, consultant, peachy, cool, premium, enormous, capital, ace, specialist, famous, five-star, chesty, superordinate, in ascendency, prize, arch, par excellence, surpassing, workmate, unsurpassed, finer, born, supercilious, upper-level, bully, gangbusters, gilt-edged, higher-up, imperious, senior, king-size, sterling, great, dope, disdainful, choice, self-opinionated, blue-ribbon, huffish, lordly, select, superb, hype, immense, super, number one, subordinate, topnotch, a-one, victor, neat, corking, well-made, dandy, highfalutin, assumptive, elevated, intellectual, superordinate word, maestro, brag, bumper, crackerjack, over, lovely, blue-chip, large, terrific, common, assumptive, pompous, redoubtable, unhoped-for, egocentric, high, aloft, luminous, peremptory, upper, high-level, professional, first class, topping.

Usage examples: