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Definition of cheap:

  1. A bargain; a purchase; cheapness.
  2. Cheaply.
  3. Having a low price in market; of small cost or price, as compared with the usual price or the real value.
  4. Of comparatively small value; common; mean.
  5. To buy; to bargain.


hard-fisted, brazen-faced, punk, forte, dirty, brassy, irregular, flashy, crummy, meretricious, moth-eaten, audacious, catchpenny, close-fisted, two-a-penny, cheapjack, give, niggardly, standard, loud, penny-pinching, expensive, tightfisted, good, sixpenny, seedy, inexpensive, niggard, paltry, chintzy, contemptible, money, barefaced, threepenny, dirt cheap, tatty, economy, tawdry, pinching, petty, ungenerous, bodacious, shabby, tight, miserly, tasteless, brasslike, affordable, schlocky, ratty, sporty, poor, jazzy, rubbishy, squalid, low-cost, dear, seamy, tacky, insolent, mean, low-budget, miserable, chinchy, tuppeny, low-priced, sleazy, rock-bottom, nickel-and-dime, gaudy, shoddy, showy, penurious, lousy, inferior, garish, flash, stingy, second, close, costive, modest, twopenny-halfpenny, bald-faced, bargain, bargain-priced, bum, value, rotten, specious, trashy, in poor taste, twopenny, tinny, dishonest, cheesy, gilded, gimcrack.

Usage examples: