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Definition of price:

  1. The equivalent paid for a thing; the current value of a commodity; the sum of money asked or paid for anything; the cost; value; recompense.
  2. To value or set a price on.


exactment, wholesale price, shop around, appraise, equipment casualty, sticker price, wrong, beat down, valuation, charge, appraisement, capping, scathe, browse, freight, worth, take back, reward, pay, ante, requital, disbursement, dues, exaction, expense, cap, terms, disadvantage, check out, return, list price, direct marketing, bargain, bounty, wages, harm, cost, expenditure, fare, bill, hire, outlay, asking price, demand, limitation, climb, carry charge, toll, snag, prize, bottom out, ransom, credit rating, marked price, detail, price tag, hit the town/street, etc., flip side, barter, appraisal, churn rate, value, offer, buyer's market, retail price, aftermarket, Mary Leontyne Price, change, monetary value, hurt, damage, cheapen, cost, consideration, ceiling, legal injury, equivalent, impost, drawback, fee, Leontyne Price, cold call, cross-selling, price ceiling, discount price, handicap, bell, par value, downside, put something on the slate, customer care, sacrifice, output, estimate, bounce back, loss, call, footing, reckoning, impairment, shop, minus, guerdon.

Usage examples: