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Definition of chromatic:

  1. Proceeding by the smaller intervals ( half steps or semitones) of the scale, instead of the regular intervals of the diatonic scale.
  2. Relating to color, or to colors.


cyan, red, pink, mummy-brown, brown, khaki, bronze, stone, blae, canary-yellow, gilded, blue, blushful, sea-green, green, honey, amber, jade, greenish, ruby, bottle-green, dark-green, dark blue, sage, bluish green, orange, mouselike, cerise, golden, mousy, yellow-brown, beige, bright blue, ocher, yellow, ochre, vermilion, copper colored, ruby-red, crimson, brownish-red, blueish, yellowish, sky-blue, olive-drab, avocado, purplish, olive, tangerine, orangish, chukker-brown, scarlet, rose-red, cherry, powder blue, rust, xanthous, blood-red, cress green, dark-brown, cerulean, russet, moss green, dun, mosslike, sage green, jade-green, maroon, mauve, rosaceous, coral, sapphire, carnation, tannish, rose, mosstone, chartreuse, reddish, light-blue, taupe, chinese-red, earthlike, bronzy, amethyst, gold, bluish, brownish-orange, ruddy, pea green, azure, cherry red, tan, teal, caramel, blue-green, violet, lilac, carmine, sorrel, rusty, straw, roseate, hazel, yellow-green, cresson, gilt, vermillion, pinkish, magenta, olive brown, purple, watercress, umber, lavender, caramel brown, aureate, tawny, snuff, mouse-colored, peacock-blue, canary, rosy, cinnabar, snuff-brown, fuscous, brownish yellow, light-green, coppery, mossy, creamy, brownish, ultramarine, musciform, buff.

Usage examples: