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Definition of clarify:

  1. To glorify.
  2. To grow clear or bright; to clear up.
  3. To grow or become clear or transparent; to become free from feculent impurities, as wine or other liquid under clarification.
  4. To make clear or bright by freeing from feculent matter; to defecate; to fine; - said of liquids, as wine or sirup.
  5. To make clear; to free from obscurities; to brighten or illuminate.


crystalize, crystallise, clear up, finish up, finish off, illuminate, clear, mop up, polish off, interpret, cleanse, shed light on, enlighten, define, sort out, get through, illustrate, crystallize, straighten out, elucidate, filter, strain, clean, wrap up, brighten, light up, crystalise.

Usage examples: