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Definition of headache:

  1. Pain in the head; cephalalgia.


irritant, charley horse, bother, rub, thorn, colic, business organization, nuisance, weight, task, inconvenience, struggle, frustration, business organisation, exasperation, megrim, cephalalgia, burden, business, mare, job, irk, growing pains, onus, trouble, business concern, care, chafe, a tall order, fear, over, peeve, bugbear, annoying, electric shock, bear, aggro, concern, backache, beast, the elephant in the room, chore, difficulty, pest, jumble, labor, trial, annoyance, tax, vexation, the impossible, necessity, worry, hassle, botheration, eyestrain, aggravation, millstone, problem, bellyache, mess, head ache, hair shirt, ruffle, heavy, killer.

Usage examples: