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Definition of lightness:

  1. Absence of depth or of duskiness in color; as, the lightness of a tint; lightness of complexion.
  2. Illumination, or degree of illumination; as, the lightness of a room.
  3. The state, condition, or quality, of being light or not heavy; buoyancy; levity; fickleness; nimbleness; delicacy; grace.


lighting, blaze, insouciance, illumination, deftness, brightness level, spark, light source, mental dexterity, visible light, nimbleness, flash, legerity, lightheartedness, luminousness, luminance, light, lighter, weightlessness, agility, grace, thinness, ignitor, igniter, high spirits, glow, balance, elation, delicacy, luminosity, brightness, shine, sparkle, visible radiation, twinkle, lightsomeness, carefreeness.

Usage examples: