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Definition of obvious:

  1. Easily discovered, seen, or understood; readily perceived by the eye or the intellect; plain; evident; apparent; as, an obvious meaning; an obvious remark.
  2. Exposed; subject; open; liable.
  3. Opposing; fronting.


glaring, taken for granted, unambivalent, large, big, definite, legitimate, open-and-shut, in evidence, provable, nonambiguous, accessible, marked, undeniable, under your nose, featured, run riot, fair-minded, crying, bold, under his nose, broad, unmistakable, bald, unsophisticated, inclination, fair, light, manifest, ambiguous, decided, crystal clear, obscure, demonstrable, under her nose, pronounced, conclusive, striking, barefaced, natural, posture, palpable, disposition, imagination, self-evident, indisputable, accepted, evident, unbiased, simple, limpid, innocent, creative, lucid, apparent, overt, under one's nose, distinguishable, ringing, attention-getting, visionary, instinct, luculent, pellucid, unadorned, thinkable, eye-catching, precise, decent, visible, rank, inexperienced, just, a vivid imagination, young, intelligible, translucent, hidden, under our noses, patent, exhibitionistic, perspicuous, understandable, human nature, understood, unsubtle, tangible, unequivocal, noticeable, identifiable, aphoristic, perceptible, luminous, originality, salient, under my nose, exhibitionist, blatant, self-explanatory, bright-line, open, egregious, behavior, transparent, proverbial, flagrant, prominent, conduct, profound, clear-cut, imaginative, creativity, frank, public, see, schtick, diaphanous, spirit, imaginings, explicit, writ large, reasonable, unambiguous, straightforward, independent, naive, axiomatic, spectacular, outstanding, bald-faced, gross, plain, show up, outlook, conspicuous.

Usage examples: