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Definition of organise:

  1. To form, as a living body, with suitable organs; to establish with parts that may co- operate together; to arrange the several parts of a plan of action or work, and appoint the proper persons to carry it out.


make, overdress, set, raise, excogitate, take form, spring, head, lead, channelize, grind away, maneuver, rise, devise, swot up, conduct, send, fancy up, bone, train, fix, cram, shape, develop, drum, target, direct, rig out, mold, prink, work up, organize, mould, gussy up, take aim, invent, tog out, educate, set up, manoeuver, point, stand up, dress up, conjure, manoeuvre, calculate, contrive, swot, mastermind, arise, unionize, address, mug up, deck out, channelise, turn out, trick out, constitute, take shape, cook, imprint, engineer, conspire, take, bring up, work, prepare, forge, get up, gear up, groom, cabal, aim, machinate, ready, form, attire, steer, formulate, place, lift, fig out, bone up, tog up, coordinate, uprise, unionise, trick up, align, ordinate, guide, deck up, fig up, elevate, orchestrate, complot.

Usage examples: