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Definition of preen:

  1. A forked instrument used in dressing cloth.
  2. To clean as with a preen,- said of birds that dress and oil their feathers with their beak.


garnish, patronize, compliment, congratulate, prune, cut back, coiffure, enclothe, do, dress, decorate, fit out, soak, raiment, dress up, garb, pride, get dressed, look your best, respect, apparel, coiffe, doll up, habilitate, chirp, pluck, chatter, surcharge, lop, tog, tart up, gazump, curry, clothe, cry, trim, crop, beat, brood, set, fleece, groom, alight, line up, plume, garment, tidy yourself up, smarten up, show off, felicitate, overcharge, coif, flap, rob, caw, hook, arrange, primp, be full of yourself, snip, dress out, cheep, clip, coo.

Usage examples: