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Definition of snappish:

  1. Eager to bite; peevish; apt to speak tartly or in anger.


lively, frosty, splenetic, sulky, ill-natured, jaunty, dapper, nipping, crisp, snippety, spanking, bad-tempered, choleric, alert, raspy, rakish, natty, testy, querulous, quick-tempered, zippy, ratty, rattling, crotchety, out of sorts, short-tempered, raffish, ill-tempered, snippy, brisk, gloomy, ugly, sullen, spiffy, crabby, grouchy, fretful, disagreeable, snarky, whipping, fiery, spruce, angry, nippy, ill-humored, nasty, merry, pettish, dashing, dogged, grumpy, morose, attitude, severe, snappy, waspish, gruff, perverse, mean, stuffy.

Usage examples: