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Definition of burn:

  1. A disease in vegetables. See Brand, n., 6.
  2. A hurt, injury, or effect caused by fire or excessive or intense heat.
  3. A small stream.
  4. In certain games, to approach near to a concealed object which is sought.
  5. The operation or result of burning or baking, as in brickmaking; as, they have a good burn.
  6. To apply a cautery to; to cauterize.
  7. To be of fire; to flame.
  8. To cause to combine with oxygen or other active agent, with evolution of heat; to consume; to oxidize; as, a man burns a certain amount of carbon at each respiration; to burn iron in oxygen.
  9. To combine energetically, with evolution of heat; as, copper burns in chlorine.
  10. To consume with fire; to reduce to ashes by the action of heat or fire; - frequently intensified by up: as, to burn up wood.
  11. To consume, injure, or change the condition of, as if by action of fire or heat; to affect as fire or heat does; as, to burn the mouth with pepper.
  12. To have a condition, quality, appearance, sensation, or emotion, as if on fire or excessively heated; to act or rage with destructive violence; to be in a state of lively emotion or strong desire; as, the face burns; to burn with fever.
  13. To make or produce, as an effect or result, by the application of fire or heat; as, to burn a hole; to burn charcoal; to burn letters into a block.
  14. To perfect or improve by fire or heat; to submit to the action of fire or heat for some economic purpose; to destroy or change some property or properties of, by exposure to fire or heat in due degree for obtaining a desired residuum, product, or effect; to bake; as, to burn clay in making bricks or pottery; to burn wood so as to produce charcoal; to burn limestone for the lime.
  15. To suffer from, or be scorched by, an excess of heat.


burn mark, shuttle, cover, can, sunburn, stick, prune, gleam, lust after, glare, cruise, flush, trim down, slew, discharge, sunburned, edit, bodybuilding, capture, abridge, burn off, throw a fit, slue, reduce, shatter, catch the light, author, flame up, foam, edit out, issue, injure, burnout, on fire, shine, call up, ravage, madden, hot, sheer, bristle, thin, reddening, terminate, skip, combustion, exterminate, fuel, look for, evoke, incense, thin out, trim, turn off, boil down, blister, shorten, seethe, curve, break, have a fit, go up, strangle, go off, first-degree burn, cauterize, flip one's lid, brand, blow one's stack, rill, write out, suffer, bourn, take fire, incinerate, runlet, bother, have kittens, drain, hack, bask, metabolize, harm, coal-fired, enrage, runnel, circuit training, cremate, flood, make out, tan, second-degree burn, crave, blush, glow, hope, cut down, displace, veer, twinge, calm, blemish, give notice, alight, aerobic, poop out, boxercise, roaring, stay down, smolder, color up, rationalize, sparkle, come up, fly off the handle, blight, want, hit the roof, disable, flame, tired, mutilate, arouse, incandesce, bend, tangent, switch off, archive, open fire, back up, dilute, sting, hitchhike, cut off, baste, burn up, turn out, lose one's temper, energy, blow up, blazing, streamlet, crack, contract, foreshorten, black eye, brooklet, burning at the stake, radiate, cut, set light to something, block, gas, give out, prick, consume, trash, topaz, ignore, commute, beck, athlete's foot, digest, churn, erythema solare, sun cream, burning, breakage, blackhead, combust, hit the ceiling, disregard, catch, torch, chip, rage, murder, charbroil, sun, calisthenics, feelings, bubble, go down, seize with teeth, erupt, ruin, give the axe, irritate, pound, blaze, abscess, run, aquarobics, smart, impairment, flash, steam, rationalise, dispatch, vandalize, metabolise, blotch, force out, biogas, rivulet, access, swerve, flare up, destroy, slaughter, flaming, third-degree burn, assassinate, kill, hitch, boil over, to the ground, catch fire, have your heart set on (doing) something, cut back, capacity, SPF, abbreviate, cauterise, eat away, ingestion, stifle, anger, color, burn in, yearn, browse, flare, blow a fuse, obliterate, devastate, fossil fuel, conflagrate, bring down, trim back, sunbathe, aspire, set fire to, beam, raise, strain, elicit, trouble, run down, massacre, electrocution, biomass, go, fume, take someone's life, gill, ferment, assimilate, give the sack, long, ablaze, enkindle, suntan, aerobics, lay out, glowing, snub, provoke, brown, send away, help, windburn, dismiss, geld, blaze up, sack, burn down, set on fire, trauma, bedsore, overexpose, go ballistic, bite, bump off, chin-up, explode, brook, abrasion, fiery, wish, biofuel, infuriate, ride, down, the burn, trend, flip one's wig, callous, absorb, tailor.

Usage examples: