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Definition of irritation:

  1. A condition of morbid excitability or oversensitiveness of an organ or part of the body; a state in which the application of ordinary stimuli produces pain or excessive or vitiated action.
  2. The act of exciting, or the condition of being excited to action, by stimulation; -- as, the condition of an organ of sense, when its nerve is affected by some external body; esp., the act of exciting muscle fibers to contraction, by artificial stimulation; as, the irritation of a motor nerve by electricity; also, the condition of a muscle and nerve, under such stimulation.
  3. The act of irritating, or exciting, or the state of being irritated; excitement; stimulation, usually of an undue and uncomfortable kind; especially, excitement of anger or passion; provocation; annoyance; anger.


passion, incitement, aggravator, anger, fervour, biliousness, nuisance, menace, neuralgia, mood, incitation, chafe, drag, animosity, pestering, temper, irritant, soreness, surliness, besetment, stress, pip, rage, discomfort, pettishness, toughness, pest, feelings, snappishness, impatience, fervor, provocation, choler, botheration, upset, innervation, excitement, rawness, annoying, worry, peeve, humour, vexation, aggro, outrage, fretfulness, asperity, bothering, irritability, pain in the neck, excitation, aggravation, calamity, annoyance, plague, fury, pique, humor, help, joke, eina, pain in the ass, peevishness, concern, tenderness.

Usage examples: